Our Philosophy

The Ghiaccio Forte estate is dedicated to offering a new expression of red wine from its vineyards in the Morellino di Scansano appellation along the immaculately preserved wilderness of the southern Tuscan coastline. Ghiaccio Forte is a leader in the area, specializing in the production of the traditional Sangiovese grape. In order to impart further complexity and balance, two non-traditional grape varieties have also been planted; Petit Verdot and Syrah. The Ghiaccio Forte estate is at the forefront of a new movement of local producers aiming to create high-quality wines with a blend of tradition and innovation.

The Maremma, a vast marshland until it was drained in the early 1920s, is still a sparsely populated region where much effort is dedicated to preserving the landscape whilst also developing innovative forms of agriculture. Today the Maremma is a kind of frontier territory where producers are unburdened by the cultural baggage of more conservative winemaking areas, freeing them to experiment with new and different viticultural practices. At Ghiaccio Forte we value the natural interaction between flora and fauna, and the benefits they can bring to our vineyards. Sheep and traditional Maremmano horses graze freely on the land and help to enrich the soil. Bees are also kept on the estate and help to pollinate the vineyards, as well as making delicious honey. The abundance of wildlife present in the area, such as cinghiale (wild boar), Lupus Italicus (Italian wolf), deer and porcupines, as well as a variety of beneficial insects and butterflies, all contribute to the exceptionally vibrant surroundings in which our vineyards thrive.